Education Activities


Journeys Through The Arts

10. 7.- 10. 7. 2020, ,

Dear parents and children, we invite you for creative program, which was prepared under the guidance of artists (Mgr. Patrik Parizek, Mgr. Lenka Pukancikova and Mgr. Katerina Motyckova). During one week children (7-14 years old) will learn by engaging and entertaining way about artists and their work. They also try all kinds of art techniques. Also try […]

Čekání na tramvaj 2013

Just Waiting for the Tram

10. 7.- 10. 7. 2020, ,

Come to wait for the first tram arriving to the square… As we can see from this postcard “Beroun in the future”, which was printed by bookseller Vaclav Athony in 1904, the future in Beroun is a little different from now. Futuristic prediction was not successful. Do not worry about it! We have an idea […]

Jako šlehnutím kouzelného proutku

Let me just wave my magic wand…

10. 7.- 10. 7. 2020, ,

The children educational program for The World of Mechanical Music exhibition Attention! The most enjoyable musical clocks, amazing self-playing organs, famous music boxes, sensationals polyphons, elegant symphonions, wonderful aristones, miraculous barrel organs, brilliant patented orchestrions. Check out the exhibition! Printed children’s guide, full of tricky tasks, presents the most interesting objects  from the exhibition. It shows […]