Other Activities

Clock Gallery Prague

Ticking shop at Jungmannova street in Prague

14. 4.- 14. 4. 2024, ,

CLOCK GALLERY, Mozarteum, Jungmannova 748/30, Prague Old clocks shop with antique and vintage items. Inside you will find mechanical clocks, wrist and pocket watch and other accessories. We can share many informations about Prague Astronomical Clock on Old Town Square or about Jewish Clock on Old Town Hall at Maiselova street. Google Maps  |  Facebook  […]

Metelka Crib Jilemnice

Krkonoše – land of Christmas cribs

14. 4.- 14. 4. 2024, ,

For many years we are charmed by skills and creativity of Krkonoše Christmas cribs makers. This exhibition will focus on diferent types of cribs scenes enriched by some extraordinars types. This selection is completed by decsription of typical habits during the celebration of Christmas and even a little of the traditional cuisine. » BEROUN, 23/11/2016 […]

Inklinační sluneční hodiny Jana Engelbrechta

The catalog of Johann and Anton Engelbrechts’ portable sundials

14. 4.- 14. 4. 2024, ,

There are not many sundial makers in our history, who would be known far beyond Beroun (Czech Republic) as Johann and Anton Engelbrecht. The following catalog presents portable sundials (Horizontal, Inclinable, Inclinable and Analematic), sundial cases, Johann Engelbrecht printed manual and Anton Engelbrecht mantle clock. » ACCESS TO ONLINE CATALOG (Last update: . Actual items.) SPECIAL […]