Soul Full of Clockworks


Discover the secret of moving toys and figures

Discover a selection of curious objects, whose appearance and incredibly elaborate mechanisms leave us amazed to these days

» JILEMNICE, 10/6/2016 – 25/9/2016

» BEROUN, 21/5/2020 – 31/8/2020

» BRANDYS N. LABEM, 7/10/2021 – 23/1/2022

Author’s project reminds curious machine. Were able to mimic the natural phenomena and living creatures. Unusual and special mechanisms were initially part of a tower clock, then they were placed into luxury items, finally they appeared in life of the lower classes.

Many machines were produced under the vision of easy profits and their impression of mechanical life were deceptive. Whether it was a machine or not, they evoke to this day, and we consider them as an artistic and highly valued curiosities.

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