Where is the best place to buy used/vintage watches in Prague?

Where to buy vintage watches in Prague

In Prague, there is a lot of possibilities where to buy a lot of antique timepieces. Many stores sell used and vintage watches. Their selections are mostly small and sometimes there is no service behind them like cleaning, corection and setting, but every seller of course give you garantie, cause you are foreiner. I’d love to recomend some places that specialises in vintage watches, but it depend on timepieces you are searching for. Few years I am in touch with lot of museums researchers and watchmakers, so I can give you some advice if you are interest.

I think Prague is the perfect place to shop for your future timepiece. It’s the atmosphere that makes Prague a good place to buy a watch. Just look around. In the future, each glance at your wrist can be a little reminder of the fabulous time had in the old town with its stunning astronomical clock.

Many people now look for classical czech Prim watches. They become wery popular since the company was opened again. Some of the famous pieces like Orlik, Sport, Diplomat, Pavouk or Supinac they produce again :-).

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Thread: Where is the best place to buy used/vintage watches in Prague?

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Re6: Something for memory for Prague…

Try add a map…


Re6: Something for memory for Prague…

I found perfect store in Mozarteum hose, Jungmannova 748/30 in Prag, they have cool stuff, look on facebook http://www.facebook.com/clockgallery.cz And NOT expensive ;), do you know this place? small concept with young people….


Re5: Something for memory for Prague…

Hi Guys, I bought just couple a days cool vintage prim after full service of watchmaker. I can recomend! Frank you Mirek for help


Re4: Something for memory for Prague…

Cool, hope this piece you enjoy :-). M.


Re13: Any tps for shopping?

Ok, I didn’t notice it is mechanical! wau 😀 sorry


Re12: Any tps for shopping?

You bought mechanical watch with wheels movement. You should wound them every day…


Re5: search for vintage shape glass

Yes, looks nice. i will take care of them, thank you, all the best


Re4: search for vintage shape glass

John, just be carefull again, or just write me 😀 😉


Re8: Watch with leather bracceletto.

Hi boys, I just receive my parcel. Watch is cool. Thanky you. I will share contact.


Re7: Watch with leather bracceletto.

Hi, we send parcel today. Hope everything will by fine and you will enjoy your wrist watch. Stepan


Re21: a bit wondering

Yes, I even didn’t know it


Re20: a bit wondering

Hope it helps 😉


Re11: searching something unique…..

The conditn is unbeleavable. I am really satisfied, I will do that.


Re10: searching something unique…..

Just write If everithing were OK. Or you can recomend us If you can.
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