The World of Mechanical Music

Detail of Barrel Organ

The World of Mechanical Music: The Golden Age of Automatophone

» BEROUN, 12/11/2014 – 9/3/2015

» JILEMNICE, 12/12/2014 – 15/3/2015

» BEROUN, 8/2015 – 1/2016*

» ŽEBRÁK, 1. 5. 2016 – 28. 9. 2016

» UHERSKÝ BROD, 27/10/2016 – 23/4/2017

» BRANDÝS N. LABEM, 7/9/2017 – 7/1/2018

NevítanéAttention! The most enjoyable musical clocks, amazing self-playing organs, famous music boxes, sensationals polyphons, elegant symphonions, wonderful aristones, miraculous barrel organs, brilliant patented orchestrions.
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Not everyone is blessed with the talent to be able to play the musical instrument, so lot of constructors tried to create self-playing musical instruments, which could be operated without any labouriously-acquired skill or talent.

The exhibition will show you clocks with carillons, flute and zither clocks, barrel organs, various musical boxes and much more. Visitors will learn about the development of mechanical music machines in Bohemia from the 18th century till today.

You will see machines, which was an important source of income for beggars, paupers and wounded veterans of famous battles, in comparison to more sophisticated machines that played for pleasure in bourgeois salons.

The most common musical automaton of 19th and 20th century were cylinder music boxes. Small dimensions of this machines inspired makers to placed them into other objects as clocks, framed paintings and photo albums.

*presentation of text panels from exhibition, Domov seniorů TGM, Beroun


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