Just Waiting for the Tram

Čekání na tramvaj v Berouně 2022 1

Come to wait for the first tram arriving to the square…

Beroun v budoucnosti

As we can see from this postcard “Beroun in the future”, which was printed by bookseller Vaclav Athony in 1904, the future in Beroun is a little different from now. Futuristic prediction was not successful. Do not worry about it! We have an idea for arrangement an unusual meeting (happening). We can fulfill the wishes of our grandfathers and grandmothers, at least for one day.

Periodically on Friday before Spring Pottery Markets (in May) we create the illusion of people wainting for the old tram on Husovo Square. Visitors come in old clothes in the style of the First Republic (1918 -1939). Passengers wander through the square and ask people for questions: Where is the tram stop? We missed the tram? etc. Anyone can participate in this interesting event.  There will be waiting a historical conductor at the tram stop near the museum. He marks the passenger´s tickets by the stamp of Beroun Electric Railway.

The Timeline of Happenings

2011 | report photo feedbacks facebook

2012 | invitation report photos feedbacks fb

2013 | photos facebook

2014 | May 2nd | invitation facebook photos

2015 | May 5th | invitation facebook photos

2016 | May 5th | invitation facebook report photos

2017 | May 8th | invitation facebook photos

2018 | May 8th | invitation facebook photos

2019 | May 8th | invitation facebook

2020 | May 8th| invitation facebook virtual happening

2021 | May 8th| invitation facebook virtual happening

2022 |May 15th| invitation facebook photo report

2023 |May 8th| invitation facebook photo report

2024 |May 8th 14:00 | invitation facebook

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A few Interests about Futuristic Postcards

As written, this event is inspired by one postcard from a series “Beroun in the future”. Three pieces are known. One depicts tram transport in the Beroun square, the other ships cruising the Berounka river and the third shows us how the airship flying over the city.

Ms Ilona Vorackova gave us some information about historical postcards “cities in the future”. “These examples belongs to the golden age of postcards making from the begining of 20th century. Some unknown pieces reach high prices at auctions. There were many motifs for this funny postcarts. For example cable cars, rides over the heads of pedestrians, motorcycles in street, treadmill, balloon flight, airships or steamer.

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