Let me just wave my magic wand…

Jako šlehnutím kouzelného proutku

The children educational program for The World of Mechanical Music exhibition

Nevídané-Attention! The most enjoyable musical clocks, amazing self-playing organs, famous music boxes, sensationals polyphons, elegant symphonions, wonderful aristones, miraculous barrel organs, brilliant patented orchestrions.
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Printed children’s guide, full of tricky tasks, presents the most interesting objects  from the exhibition. It shows them all sorts of unusual musical machines and interestin details that may have been missed.

http://patrikparizek.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/download.pngPrinted childen’ś guide

The integral part of the exhibition is a creative corner with a functional  orchestrion. it is broken a little. You have to strike into it. After that it plays several songs. There is also an naother types of musical machines. They can also solve mazes with musical clock or can look at the components of musical boxes.

http://patrikparizek.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/download.pngMaze with musical clock


Not just adults will take the opportunity to listen to the mechanical music tunes or see musical boxes movements in going. There will be speaking collectors of musical machines also.

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