Just Waiting for the Tram
Čekání na tramvaj v Berouně 2022 1


Analematické hodiny

The Permanent Exhibition focused on sundial makers Johann & Anton Engelbrechts

6. 12.- 6. 12. 2023, ,

The permanent exhibition in The Museum of Czech karst will offers an interesting view on famous craftsmen from Beroun. There are not many sundial makers in our history, who would be known far beyond Beroun (Czech Republic) as Johann and Anton Engelbrecht. Their vertical sundials could be found on the walls of monasteries, castles and […]

Jako šlehnutím kouzelného proutku

Let me just wave my magic wand…

6. 12.- 6. 12. 2023, ,

The children educational program for The World of Mechanical Music exhibition Attention! The most enjoyable musical clocks, amazing self-playing organs, famous music boxes, sensationals polyphons, elegant symphonions, wonderful aristones, miraculous barrel organs, brilliant patented orchestrions. Check out the exhibition! Printed children’s guide, full of tricky tasks, presents the most interesting objects  from the exhibition. It shows […]


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