Pf 2016

20. 9.- 20. 9. 2017, ,

I wish you a happy, peace-filled Christmas and a successful start to the new year. Thank you for your cooperation in the last year and I would like to invite you to one of the upcoming exhibitions in Czech Republic: Hodiny ze Schwarzwaldu Black Forest Clock 15. 1. – 1. 5. 2016, Středočeské muzeum v […]

Hodiny s pasáčkem, kozou s pohyblivýma očima a hracím strojem

Pour féliciter 2015

20. 9.- 20. 9. 2017, ,

Have a wonderful Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and joy, Patrik Pařízek. Together with the wishes I would like to invite you to the current and upcoming exhibitions in Czech Republic.