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Our lifes are fullfill by lovely items, unfortunatelly we know less about them. We would like to tell you more at Mozarteum Academy. Visit our lectures and courses from field of history of arts, watchmaking and antiques. Found you that each historical object could have own story.

How to use old mechanical alarm clocks?

Clock Gallery is shop with old clocks, vintage watches and charming alarm clocks. Hana starts cleaning at home and brings us some examples of alarm clocks. Some of them are quite unique. Let’s see. Maybe you also find similar treasures…

In Mozarteum house in Prague you will find extraordinary clock shop with many antique collectibles like clocks, watches or alarms. In history many types of alarm clocks vere developed. Each of them has different set up. We focus on them and try to use them. Maybe you also find similar treasures in your homes.

How to use old mechanical pocket watches?

Hanka discover and try few types of pocket watches at Clock Gallery in Prague. Let’s see. Maybe you also find similar treasures…

Hanka brings some pocket watches to Clock Gallery in Prague. Sometimes you can find a treasures in your home. Which pieces to repair? What is just for decoration? See this video.

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